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Rated Power Rated Voltage Rotational Speed Of Output Shaft M2 Frequency Output speed
0.37KW 380V/220V(3 phrase) 5.2r/min ≥1000m2 50Hz 250N.M
0.55KW 380V/220V(3 phrase) 5.2r/min 1000m2-1500m2 50Hz 400N.M
0.75KW 380V/220V(3 phrase) 5.2r/min 1500m2-2000m2 50Hz 800N.M

Reliable in operation and long life.Because the main parts are made of bearing steel through quenching treatment(HRC58-62), it got high strength. Meanwhile the transmission contact of part adapts rolling friction, so it is durable and long life.Because of reasonable in design, convenient in maintenance, easy to disassemble and assemble, the minimum amount of part and simple lubrication, so it is trusted by customers deeply.